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could never be persuaded to give a public demonstration of their powers. The Egyptian Adepts, however, remain fully conscious during their interment, and although their bodies are in coma, their spirits are free and working. In India you visited the Sage Who Never Speaks, who lives near Madias, and on the first occasion you found him in a profound trance, seemingly as though dead. Yet you must know that his mind was very much alive, because on your second visit he not only knew all about your first one, but mentioned his objection to your having attempted to take his photograph then. Such a man functions in the inner realms of being, or even on the physical realm by using an etheric body. The buried Egyptian Adepts are mentally in a similar condition while physically their bodies are, of course, much more profoundly entranced. Their spirits move and travel, their minds think in a condition of full consciousness and they have the advantage of being aware of two worlds—the material and the spirit worlds.
"Their bodies are hidden in undiscoverable tombs, which await the return of their spirits. One day the latter will re-animate those comatose bodies, which will then step forth into the outer world again. The process of re-animation will have to be performed by the right persons, who possess the necessary knowledge. Part of the ritual of awakening will consist in chanting certain secret c Words of Power/ It may seem curious to you, but their bodies are apparently embalmed, for they lie swathed in linen and enclosed in mummy coffins. There is, however, the vital difference that they have never had their hearts cut out as was done with real mummies. All their vital organs remain intact, except that they have collapsed stomachs, due to the fact that no food has been intaken since the beginning of their enhancement. Another difference is that the living Adepts have had their faces and bodies entirely covered with a coating of wax. This coating was applied after the state of entrancement had been induced.
"Their tombs are well concealed, and their number is extremely small—naturally, for only highly advanced Adepts could enter this state and not all Adepts were willing to do so. I do not like to use the word 'trance' in their case because it gives a wrong impression, but I know no other word which can fitly be employed. Their condition is quite different, for instance, from the trance of spiritualist mediums and hypnotic subjects. There are really profound degrees of trance which